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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our first episode of 2016 … YanaTV Season 2!

Before we plunge in, I want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for supporting us through an amazing first season … watching our videos and taking in the knowledge and wisdom we aspire to pass on.

Let’s rock on!

Speaking about that, I sit down this week with Blair Singer, best-selling author … world-famous trainer … Rich Dad advisor AND my mentor – and I ask him what true, authentic success means.

Blair’s answer is profound.

He speaks on sacrifice … yet mentions that sacrifice has to be done correctly.

There’s a difference between sacrificing time to watch a re-run of The Voice and sacrificing your relationship with your kids and family.

To get success, Blair explains, there are things you have to give up.

Yet, there are SOME THINGS you don’t want to give up.

It all voices down to 2 words.

C____ V_____.

(Hint: To find out what these 2 words are, watch the video below!)

Blair’s definition of authentic success is one you can store in your mind for the rest of your life.

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