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You have a bright idea and it floods you with passion.

“It’s time to start a business, change the world and get RICH!”

All good, right?

Well, our YanaTV guest this week – Influence Solution’s Karen Leong did just that … and quickly found out she was missing MANY pieces of the puzzles.

You don’t just jump in with passion alone.

She realized that if you have no gameplan and your strategy is hope, you’re in for a rough time.

You need processes.



And you need to execute and implement these well.

Or else, you will looking at stuff drying up quick and troubles looming.

In fact, over the span of her fashion business, Karen learnt a TON of lessons about actual, real-world, true-blue entrepreneurship.

Watch our YanaTV video this week for all the lessons.

Don’t even think of jumping into business without learning these lessons!


We hope you learn these and get prepared.

And if you love these, our beautiful relationship doesn’t have to end here.

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Talk then, and till then – it’s YOUR turn to turn your bright idea into reality.

To A More Conscious You,