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YanaTV and Amara Samata get together for a captivating and remarkably insightful discussion. It’s likely that at the end of this video you will walk away with a driving energy that might just come from a truer connection to your own purpose.

Five years ago Amara experienced what is called a transcendent awakening, and retained a state of nirvana for seven straight months. Now she has devoted her life to helping others to experience the same transcendent state that she came to. To that aim, she founded the Inner Guidance Institute.

Amara’s mission is to create “a world in which we can all be ourselves in a way that is compatible, sustainable, conscious, and consensual”, which is something that she believes we are all deeply seeking.

Together Yana and Amara explore duality, and the possibility that the constant need to fit oneself into a state of “this or that” (i.e. sad or happy, right or wrong, bad or good), is exhausting in and of itself. And that life becomes easier when you accept that you can be both. You can begin to find an effortless way of being that you didn’t think was possible simply by accepting that concept.

“There’s this me that’s a something, that’s also an everything, and also a nothing. How do we hold that without becoming confused or afraid?”- Amara Samata

Have you considered the possibilities that might open up in your life if you found true and whole self discovery and awareness? A connection to your mental capacity, emotional development, physical being, and spiritual or energy-based life-force? How can anyone sustain a state of being where they are not truly being themselves or connecting to their sole purpose?

Perhaps you are feeling constantly tired, overwhelmed, or frightened. Maybe that is simply because you aren’t allowing yourself to be your truest self? Is it possible for you to have a breakthrough without needing to go through a breakdown to get it?

Examine these questions and even find some answers in this energizing, soul-quenching discussion. Amara even shares an exercise from her newest module, the “Inner Mirror Method”, a co-discovery technique in building empathy.

Check out Amara Samata’s website at https://www.amarasamata.com

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