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Yana sits down with Eyal Eltawil to delve into one of the most significant topics of our time. That life-changing topic of discussion, of course, is Simon… Wait… Simon? What’s Simon?

You might not call it “Simon”, it might go by other names in your life such as “The Big C” or the ugly name of cancer. Whatever you call it, most people have had their lives changed in some significant way by this disease.

Eyal Eltawil was given a death sentence 7 years ago when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Beating the odds, for 5 years now he has beaten it and is cancer free. The cancer cure that he felt influenced his recovery the most: laughter and a positive mindset.

During a sincere and heartfelt chat, Yana and Eyal enjoy many laughs together even as they share personal stories about the deep and lasting impact cancer has had on their lives. They discuss how a positive outlook can help positively impact cancer treatment.

Yana opens up old wounds and discusses her personal loss. And Eyal gives insight into not only his light and positive moments during treatment, but his darkest moments as well.

They examine the many possibilities one’s life can be changed with a positive outlook, and an open connection to our emotions. Our mental and emotional health, of course, but also our physical bodies and our overall well-being.

Watch this interview and contemplate the many ways that positivity, laughter, and purpose can better your life.

Eyal Eltawil is a successful actor, stand-up comedian, screenwriter & playwright, keynote speaker, and author. Check him out at Eltawil.co.il

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