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his week, we sit down with B1G1 founder Masami Sato and discuss how she turned her idea of giving back through business into reality … and now a WORLWIDE phenomenon, with more than 800+ business participating.

But first, is it possible to actually run a business that gives back? We start by asking Masami that question.

Her answer will surprise you … and her story of how she started through a BRIGHT idea one day will inspire you to no bounds.

See, Masami was running a normal small business up till then and realized that she didn’t want to wait till ONE DAY when she was successful to actually give back and help others.

She wanted to do it now.

She decided to COMBINE her desire to help with her business, and kickstart a “buy 1 give 1″ initiative.

Later, she took this vision to other businesses, so they too could give back and help others.

It’s very inspiring stuff and clearly something that YOU can get started with.

Watch the video and enjoy Masami’s story!

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Talk then, and remember – YOU can make a difference, just like Masami!

To A More Conscious You,


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