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If you desire to be truly influential and get your message to the masses, this interview is the ONE for you.

Suria’s journey to becoming a top social media influencer is moving and deeply emotional.

She shares generously how she did it… so that YOU can do it too!

Her journey did not start with glamour.

It started with crisis.

She had a struggling business and only Facebook to turn to … no email list, no website, no other marketing funnels.

Despite all her efforts, she wasn’t making much money and one day Suria decided to embrace her struggles and use Facebook as an open journal and pour her authentic heart out.


She just spoke and was herself 100% …

Today she is #1 Social Media Influencer in Singapore, with 70+ Million viewers and more than a HALF a million dollars made from Facebook.

HOW DID SHE DO IT? By being her authentic self!

… and YES, there are some tips and shortcuts to success in the world of Facebook.

Suria generously shares many of them in this episode!

May this video inspire you on your journey.

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