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A BIG hello from us at YanaTV!

We’re making history today because this is our FIRST ever YanaTV post and you’re witness to this.

For me, YanaTV is a dream come true.

I’ve always wanted a place, a home, a channel where I can gather the world’s most inspiring people and their amazing stories of success in one place.

YanaTV is that place.

For our very first interview, I spoke to the fearless, the bold and the never-say-die … Loretta Chen!

Loretta is a famed Singapore theatre director, media personality and author.

Her achievements are long and detailed, her book a bestseller and she’s been named one of Asia’s most inspiring women.

But that’s only HALF her story

Loretta’s other story comes from all the struggles she had to go through.

In this interview here, you’ll hear how Loretta had to fight hard to stage her plays because the censors kept trying to close in on her – sometimes in hilarious fashion.

She managed to keep them at bay and she never gave in.

Loretta also shared how she managed to see life from a different perspective through the lens of less-privileged children she encountered while volunteering in Cambodia.

She was at her lowest point and felt her life ebbing away.

But once she heard what some of these kids had to say, she snapped right out of her depression and bounced back almost instantly.

What did these kids say?

How did Loretta beat the Singapore censors?

Watch the video above and find out!

Be prepared to be blown away by the force of nature that is Loretta Chen!

Loretta shares way more stories, walks you through her struggles and reveals how she bounced back time and time again to emerge stronger than ever before.