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As you are getting ready to celebrate February 14th with your dear one, I continue the conversation with Blair Singer – bestselling author of “Salesdogs”, Rich Dad advisor and world-famous teacher. This week we ask Blair how he would define “love”.

Blair’s answer was deeply personal. He distinguished the difference between “love” and “intimacy” … and truly got into the TRUTH of the word.

Blair shared how he did not always start out valuing love and didn’t quite understand it at the start.

Even now, he confessed that he was still learning new things about “LOVE” as a concept everyday.

But Blair highlighted how love as a concept has kept humanity thriving and surviving for years.

And how love truly is critical in sustaining relationships and being connected to people.

Ultimately, love is something you FEEL deep inside – and getting clear on what you value helps you feel love more.

If you’ve ever wondered about what love truly is, then this episode is a must watch!

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…and remember that the most important person in your life is YOU. Learn how to love yourself first. Once you master self-love, it will be very easy for you to build loving relationships with others. Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

To A More Conscious You,

P.S. What does love mean to YOU? Write it below :)