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In this episode, I sit down with popular author and journalist Deepika Shetty and we talk about how ordinary people can find their voice and share their story.

See, I’ve travelled the world and met plenty of interesting, amazing people with stories to share. I’ve sat listening to them tell of struggle, mistakes and wins – leaving me entranced and spellbound.

At the end, I almost always suggest they write a book and pen their story down. Most immediately shrink and insist they can’t do it – because no one will read it or buy it.

Deepika Shetty used to be in that category. But she conquered her voice of doubt to pen her story down into a best-selling book.

She shares her journey from idea to conception in this illuminating interview.

The first thing Deepika shares is you need to deal with self-doubt and uncertainty – and BEAT IT!

The simple truth is your fears, insecurities, loss and vulnerability makes you RELATABLE!

Because when you reveal the REAL you, people can see you in your true, shining light and they can fall in love with you!

Deepika also shares her journey from loss to finding the positive in her sadness … and turning it into a personal, heart-felt story.

– See more at: http://web.archive.org/web/20160401211858/http://yanatv.com/share-your-story-and-write-that-book-inside-you-a-yanatv-interview-with-deepika-shetty/#sthash.6RubMOhg.dpuf

You’ll find inspiration, courage and practical tips to find your true self, discover your voice and finally pen your story.

If you’ve ever harboured a goal to write a book, this interview might very well be what you need to begin putting pen to paper.

The world needs to hear your story!

OH – and we’re doing something a little different here at YanaTV starting from this interview.

You’ll now get a chance to download a PDF file with the best pointers from the interview, and review questions that prompt you to reflect on your own personal journey.

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