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YanaTV chats with Sustainability Design Expert and Founder of Green is The New Black: Stephanie Dickson. They explore self-care, social consciousness, and making ethical & sustainable brand choices.

Perhaps you are someone who cares about sustainability in fashion, and who wants to make more fair trade & environmentally friendly clothing choices. But where do you start? How do you know what brands to support?

This discussion will give you some practical methods to start making the world a better place with simple, everyday choices. Plus taking care of yourself and your needs as well.

About a decade ago Stephanie Dickson was making her name in the fashion world by running fashion weeks in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and more. But she found that she was starting to run on autopilot, and she felt there was something missing. Perhaps what was missing was a sense of purpose, and a desire to help others that wasn’t being met. Because it all changed when Stephanie watched a documentary that opened her eyes to the environmental and social cost of the clothes we wear.

“I realized that I was part of the problem. By supporting the brands I was buying at the time, I was feeding in to this big system that I had no idea about.” – Stephanie Dickson

With this realization came the sense of purpose that had been missing, and she became driven to finding ways to find sustainable, fair trade, environmentally friendly clothing. Not only changing her own clothing choices, but opening up the door and building awareness so as many other people as possible could do the same. With this aim in mind founded Green Is The New Black, a conscious festival dedicated to helping people find eco-friendly, fair trade clothing brands; learn about purpose, sustainability and innovation, and how to go consume with zero waste. Check it out and discover brands and people that are making a positive difference in the world.

Stephanie shares both her triumphs and her challenges with Yana. She opens up about depression, describes the “deep hole” she had to dig her way out of in order to build herself into the woman she is today. She talks about the value of self-care & self-love, as well as sharing her expertise in Sustainability Design in Fashion Choices.

An example she provides is the amount of water it takes to make one single cotton t-shirt: 2720 litres. That single t-shirt uses the same amount of water that a human being would drink in 3.7 years if they’re having 2 litres/day.

Click on the video to learn more about ethical, sustainable fashion brands and get a few tips you can start applying today. To help the environment, help people throughout the world, and even help yourself.

Visit https://greenisthenewblack.com/ festival or more on Green is the New Black and Stephanie Dickson.

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