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Expert series! Karen Leong is an influence expert and an author of “Win People Over” book. She starts this interview by saying “It’s the quality of your conversation with a person that determines the quality of your relationship with them.”

Wow! How profound. And for the entire interview, Karen revealed tip after tip on how you can build a better relationship with virtually anyone you meet – from your boss, your friend to that colleague you don’t talk to.

Karen, who I interviewed earlier in the show, is a master of influence and communication.

And she believes that connection with people comes from good conversation.

If we can speak well, we can have a good relationship.

And that’s what she reveals in this interview.

Did I also mention that Karen has a powerful personal story of how she had to overcome her own social difficulties and master the art of influential communication?

You are in for a treat! Namely:

– How to talk to different people
– The 1 thing you need to start with … so people naturally like you
– The common misconceptions about conversation

… and more.

This interview WILL save your relationships, make you highly likable by others and give you golden tools how to influence people around you!

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