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Yana discusses The Good News About PTSD with Author, Confidence Coach, and Veteran: Dion Jensen. Dion has over 20 years experience serving in the Police Force, Security Work, and Military.

His extensive life experience has given him the insight to design a highly effective method for aiding those who suffer from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has dedicated his life to saving the lives of people who are struggling through what he has overcome. He strives, every day, to pull as many people as he can “out of the hole” that he can.

He does that, not with judgment, or with labels, but with The Good News About PTSD. What is the good news, you ask? That there is nothing wrong with you, and that your Trauma symptoms are not a sign of weakness, but instead of the strength of your inner warrior.

Your trauma response isn’t unnatural or “wrong”, it is simply the response you were trained and conditioned to do. Whether your conditioning comes from past experiences, official training such as Military or Police Training, or past environments: you are simply responding in the best way you know how to survive, stay safe, and fight for yourself and your loved ones. There is nothing wrong with you because you do the very natural thing of responding based on your past training and conditioning.

In fact, the symptoms of PTSD are simply your own strength, and drive to survive. Your fighting spirit. Your inner warrior trying to protect you and others.

Of course, the issue is that now your trauma response might not be the best and safest action, or at all appropriate to the environment you are in now. So we need to begin retraining our responses to adapt to an environment where the threats we were trained to respond to are no longer a danger.

So how do you retrain your responses? Do you do it by trying to stop doing something? Well, that might be a first step, but you can’t stop a reaction without finding a new reaction to replace it with.

That is how Dion Jensen’s book, The Good News About PTSD, can help you. By giving you the tools and the knowledge you need to begin retraining your responses while still embracing your inner warrior. Finding peace , and letting go of judgment and shame.

To learn more about Dion’s revolutionary PTSD Treatment, you can find his book at _

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