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Do you subscribe to the idea that, as an adult, you must sacrifice and settle in your work and home life for financial stability, and so that your children can find THEIR strengths and passions? Has it left you feeling unsatisfied? Are you as happy as you could be?  No matter what age you are, deep inside you have an ember of promise.  It is up to YOU to fan that ember and let it ignite!  This week Vikas Malkani is back to help us.

“Potential, as long as it is inside, is worth nothing for me or for others. But, when I am able to bring out this potential it can bring value to others, and then bring value to me.” Vikas Malkani

In our interview this week, Vikas explains how he changed his life path at the age of 29 and left his family’s successful business to follow his potential.  He encourages us that every person is born with a promise inside them.  He details the inward journey that everyone must take if they are to explore THEIR strengths and passions so that they can outwardly live their life to their full potential.  In this inspiring segment, you will hear Vikas explain more about our inner compass, serving others, and making the right choices.  When Vikas followed his path, he created long-term happiness and fulfillment for himself.  YOU can have that too!

Watch, and make it happen!

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