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Yassmin is a TED-talk speaker, author, engineer and humanitarian. She is only 25 years old, but what a life she has already lived!

Yassmin never felt like she fit in. She always felt like an outsider. Born in Sudan only to migrate to Australia at a young age, where she had to discover what culture (her own or her environment) to embrace and take on … and to find out who she really was.

This is how Yassmin found her true self and learned to own her power despite being different.

She grew up Sudanese in Australia back in the 90s.
According to Yassmin, hers was the only Sudanese family in that town.

People looked at her like she was clearly… different.
She had to find her identity very quickly or get lost in the confusion.

Quickly though, she realized that being different was an advantage.
She had PERSPECTIVE that others didn’t.

She could see and think about things in a UNIQUE way.
She learnt to take risks.

To not be afraid of standing out.

That has made ALL the difference for Yassmin.

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t fit in … THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU.

Yasmin has not only found her own power, but she has also embarked on a mission to empower millions of others. This is the reason why she decided to write a book “Yassmin’s Story” and became a spokeswoman to youth and minorities around the world.

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