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Manoj was a typical, shy introvert when he began his road in public speaking. It began as a journey of personal development to overcome his fear of speaking to an audience. Sadly, he was told that he would never be any good at Public Speaking because he had an accent, he wasn’t good enough, or he just wasn’t funny enough.

But this introvert is now the World Champion of Public Speaking, all because he was willing to take a chance and believe in himself, even when others would not.

The Toastmasters International World Public Speaking Championships attract 30,000 contestants each year, and Manoj had to overcome 6 levels of intense competition before winning this prestigious honour in 2017. It wasn’t the first time he made it to the finals, placing third overall in 2015, as well.

So, what would you be capable of if you stepped out of your comfort zone and conquered your fears?

Manoj discussed his journey, and shares some great Public speaking tips. His message of believing in yourself, working to achieve your goal, and not letting yourself be discouraged by difficult obstacles resonates no matter what your own personal passions are. This discussion is especially beneficial to those who are interested in improving their own skills in Public Speaking.

He defines stages of development when you are learning to speak to an audience, with the early stages being Ego driven. How can you let go of the ego, stop worrying about yourself and what the audience thinks of you, and start recognizing the value of the message you are providing to the audience. How can you, as a messenger, communicate something that will benefit the lives of the people who listen to you speak?

Learn more about having a greater impact in your public speaking, and in your life’s goals. Watch this insightful discussion below: