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This week, we sit down with prolific author and India’s literary storm trooper Mukul Deva and talk about his amazing process for writing best-sellers that hook and engage the reader. (Sidenote: Mukul has written a book a year for 15 years straight!)

If you ever wanted to write your first book but found yourself bogged down by life, work and EXCUSES, this interview is a must watch!

Mukul doesn’t mess around in this interview.

His process is lethally simple – and so profound I swear you have to watch it several times to get it.

I don’t want to give too much away, because I want you to watch Mukul speak.

But here’s some nuggets:

✔ Get that writing a book is lonely
✔ You NEED resilience and discipline
✔ Mukul writes 3-4 hours a day – as a ritual and habit
✔ It can be done … and you don’t have to be a brain scientist to do it

Notice I haven’t mentioned Mukul’s formula yet!

That’s because I want you to watch it below …

Dive in and use Mukul’s formula.

I know you will get your first book done if you do.

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