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We’re back this week with Mukul Deva and we sit down and talk about business and how you can achieve incredible – and I mean incredible – success in business and entrepreneurship.

Mukul has done quite a lot in his time – stepping out of school early to working in the army as a counterterorrism officer to becoming a mentor to leaders in transition to building up several successful businesses and even becoming a prolific author with many best-selling books.

But his secrets for running a successful business and living a fulfilled life is nothing short of profound.

In this enlightening interview, I probe Mukul and get him to reveal tip after tip after tip of business success.

And mind you, these are things you will NEVER hear anywhere else.

How can you walk away from your business … and have it be seamless or even better without you?

How can you have a team functioning at its peak so everyday is a breeze?

Are you an entrepreneur? What should you focus on… today?

Mukul has been there and done that.

And he’s here to share that.

As Mukul would say: “Enough talk, let’s get started …”

This is one interview you don’t want to miss especially if you aspire to start and succeed in your own business!

Enjoy, and we’ll talk soon.

And it doesn’t stop there!

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Be strong and successful… and GET STARTED NOW.