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It’s not easy being a leader.

You need to figure out how to earn the respect of your people, communicate so they get what you want, ensure they are happy and stay in your team and motivate them to perform at their best.

This week, we sit down with former Naval Commander turned author and speaker, Mary Kelly, and get her to share how you can instantly upgrade your leadership skills by raising your communication skills.

Mary learnt the bulk of her leadership and communication skills while working in the navy.

There, she quickly discovered what worked and what did not.

Some of the tips she shares are so elusively obvious that you will go “A-ha” the moment you hear them – except you might not currently be using them!

Mary’s wealth of experience doesn’t stop there. 

Being a dog-lover, Mary was training her dog – and one day, she decided to see what would happen if she applied these principles to her workplace.

She was astounded to find that it worked exceedingly well.

Combining dog-training, naval leadership and her many other experiences, Mary shares how leaders can finally earn respect, keep people and raise performance all by changing the way they communicate.

You’ll learn so much in this interview – we promise!

And to ensure you remember (and USE) everything you hear from Mary, we’ve prepared a content-rich interview summary pdf below.

Be sure to download it, review it constantly and apply what Mary shared in your life.

Quite frankly, what Mary shares works!

Enjoy – and more importantly, put the concepts to use.

You’ll finally be the leader your people want to follow.

Live Fearlessly,