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Would it be easier for entrepreneurs to do business in a purposeful way and to create a larger positive change in the community if they began FIRST with HAPPINESS?

We explore this question this week with Khatiza Van Savage from Insightful Learning Journeys. Khatiza worked in Bhutan and realized they had a very different take on business and life.

The people of Bhutan have a view of life beyond financial success. The government measures the country’s overall progress with something called “Gross National Happiness Index” … a concept that really got Khatiza intrigued.

It wasn’t all about chasing the dollar in Bhutan. The authorities looked at areas like happiness, satisfaction, time spent with family and even amount of time spent sleeping!

The precessional effect of this was that as a whole, the people of Bhutan were way more balanced and needless to say – happier.

Khatiza wondered what would happen if she took this proven concept to organizations and even individuals.

What if we all began with happiness first … instead of deluding ourselves that somehow money would bring us happiness?

What would the ripple effect of focusing on happiness FIRST be?

It is this and more that we explore in this week’s video.

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Remember – don’t wait to be happy. You can choose to be happy today!
To A More Conscious You,