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Can music really heal the soul and give you purpose?

For famed jazz musician and producer Bluey Maunick, the answer is a resounding YES!

In this episode of YanaTV, Bluey sits down and reveals a never-seen-before vulnerable side … sharing with us how music helped him through some of the darkest chapters in his life. Watch and be inspired!

[Sidenote: We also want to specially thank Bluey for crafting the soundtrack for YanaTV Season 2! Watch and listen to it. It’s something truly special and we hope you love it!]

Bluey revealed that he didn’t always have it easy.

He had to deal with the demons of abuse and racism – even being beaten by skin heads.

But amidst his darkest days, he could always count on music to give him a sense of belonging, purpose and balance he never experienced anywhere else.

That love brought him out of the darkness, into the light … and now into the SPOTLIGHT with his band Incognito.

Here’s Bluey with more!

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