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This week, we sit down with leadership coach and author of “Intentional Parenting” Dr. Yvonne Sum and discuss how YOU can leverage the incidents of your past to become your best self.

Yvonne has travelled the world, helping leaders make shifts inside so they can expand their influence and lead better by being their most authentic selves.

She draws aplenty from her own journey from being yet another cog in a typical Asian society, Asian family and Asian marriage … to discovering her true feminine strength and power … and creating a life she can truly call her own.

Today, Yvonne isn’t another faceless piece in the system. She changes people and companies through her talks, impacts lives through her books and is leading an authentic life, fully expressing herself every single day.

In this fast-paced interview, Yvonne shows you how she did it – so you can too.

She boldly takes you through her own story and shows you how she turned past hurts and incidents into strength and courage to grow and chart a new direction for herself.

We know this interview will definitely give you the much-needed strength and courage your need to break free from the chains of your past, and use them to create a better tomorrow for yourself.

Dive in and allow the infectious, can-do energy of Dr. Yvonne to influence you.

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Which reminds us – enough chit-chat.

It’s time to create YOU 2.0 with Dr. Yvonne Sum!

Let’s continue this INSIDE the interview ….

Live Fearlessly,

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