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It’s Yana, and we’re back with another episode of YanaTV – your favourite place for practical wisdom from the world’s most inspiring people.

Today, we speak to serial entrepreneur Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street.

What’s amazing about this interview is Elim cuts right to the chase and gives real-world advice on what it takes to become truly successful in life and business.

See, Elim comes from the world of actual business – and she’s seen the good times and the tough times. She isn’t interested in fancy theory or academic “how-tos” – she’s interested in what works for real.

She shares the 3 ingredients every budding achiever or entrepreneur needs to have in order to be successful.

Elim goes as far as to say this – If you aren’t willing to do these 3 things and you choose the easy life instead, you won’t be successful.

Elim also talks about the power of belief and how it motivated her to go from struggling school girl to big-time entreprenuer.

The wonderful thing about interviewing Elim is she’s a beautiful blend of inspiration and street-wise advice.

She loves to build people up – but she knows that real-life success isn’t all cookies and candy floss.

I know you’ll learn so much from her.

Hit the video above, and learn from the one and only – Elim Chew!

And until next time…

Live Fearlessly,

P.S. The video above is a small segment of the FULL interview I did with Elim.

If you like it and want to watch the whole interview (which you ought to!) … click the button below.