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Do you know at least one person in your life who has that fabled “magic touch”?

Everything they do turns to gold. If they play in a competition, they emerge victorious. If they start a business, it becomes a rockstar success.

How do they do it? What is their “secret sauce” … and more importantly, how can we use it to bring more MAGIC into our lives?

If you want that answer, you MUST watch this week’s YanaTV episode as I take you inside the mind of one of these amazing folks ….

Meet Saumik Bera

At age 19, he became a yoga champion – despite not having enough money at the start to even make it to the competition.

Once there, he quickly found himself in a foreign land – up against some of the best yoga masters in the world.

He was new, he was young and he barely had much experience.

The odds were crazily stacked against him. How could a newbie so green even make it?

When he made it to the FINALS of the competition – with only the reigning champion up against him – suddenly, no one was laughing anymore.

What transpired was an epic showdown for the ages.

And Saumik emerged victorious.

A fluke? Luck? Maybe the gods were smiling on him?

Think again, because Saumik quickly decided he wasn’t just happy being a yoga champion. He wanted to dive into the field of business and make a name for himself there.

Once again, the odds were stacked against him.

He was a yoga champion now – but he was a total newbie in the business world.

But lo and behold, within a very short span of time, Saumik and his newly-formed company Real Yoga rose to the very top.

Today, they have branches in various countries and are doing extremely well.

I sit down with Saumik and ask him to reveal HOW he keeps winning and succeeding even though the odds always seem to be against him.

Saumik takes us on a journey into his methods, his mindsets and his unqiue way of seeing the world.

Master these skills and you’ll emerge victorious in almost endeavour you choose to do.

And guess what – even as we spoke to Saumik, he was already looking to the future – ready to take on a new challenge, ready to create more magic.

This is what mastering the art of winning can do for you.

You can’t help but turn every opportunity you touch into a roaring success.

Enjoy this unique video and be sure to grab the summary pdf below.

It’ll summarize all the tips and tools Saumik mentioned during the interview, so you can start tuning your mind to the frequency of infinite success.

Dive in, get started and enjoy!

Live Fearlessly,