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If you aspire to start your own business and grow it from zero all the way to super-hero status, you will LOVE this week’s interview.

We sit down with Chris Edwards, founder of Honeycombers … and have her walk us through her journey from starting her business at home – all the way to having half a million views on her site a month now, and having a dedicated A+ team to help her.

This is REAL WORLD entrepreneurship at its best.

You will really love what Chris shares, because she holds nothing back.

No sugar-coating, no rah-rah motivation.

Only the story of how a determined expat lady saw an opportunity and a need … and took advantage of the right timing to convert it into a profitable idea.

Chris’s story first started when she came to Singapore and couldn’t find a job.

She had an idea of starting a site where people from Singapore could find out interesting things to do and places to go.

She quickly decided to turn that into reality.

Except she then had to face:

✔ Skepticism from friends
✔ The fact that she had NO IT skills
✔ She didn’t have much revenue (so she couldn’t afford to splurge)
✔ Finding quality people to help her

… and more.

Chris overcame every single one of these, and the lessons she learnt was invaluable.

Start watching now, and save yourself the pain of having to go down the same path!

I know you’ll love it.

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Talk then, and till then – it’s YOUR turn to turn your bright idea into a raving business.

To A More Conscious You,


P.S. Quick announcement too – I’m doing a workshop “Live” in Singapore on how you can use my “People Power” system to find, hire and attract amazing people to turn your bright business idea into REALITY … and SUCCESS!

Look out for more details on that.

Finding the right people is so crucial to a business’s success … so I look forward to sharing this information with you!