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This is a special episode, where we focus on empowering women to be successful in business and life. In this interview, I spoke to Karen about how women can succeed in the modern marketplace. Karen is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, leadership trainer, mother and wife. The bottom line for the conversation – “How to have it all?”

Karen provided a ton of practical tips for aspiring women that want to achieve incredible success and have a globally sought-after work-life balance.

Let’s get started revealing some of those to you …

The first key Karen revealed was believing that us as women can succeed.

Karen tells an interesting story in her interview about doing an experiment with a group of hand-picked high potential women.

She wanted them to draw a picture of an ideal managing director in a bank.

After the drawings were completed, there was a collective realization that all the women drew the picture of a man.

There in lay the problem.

They did not see themselves as capable of being leaders.

The second is how to make dreams come true.

Its always to DREAM BIG but act small.

Start today, and start working no matter how small.

Finally is the myth of work-life balance.

I wont give too much away except to say that Karen is spot-on.

Dive in and learn.

Amazing content from a very experienced, very passionate businesswoman and teacher.

Know you’ll learn a lot.

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Till next week!

Dare to dream big and act small today,