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Do you believe it is possible to do what you love, make a great living and help many people at the same time?

Well, Olga Iserlis has spent years doing exactly that.

Olga always loved the arts and parties. She loved making people happy and giving them a chance to mingle and interact. She’s also passionate about charity and giving back.

And so she began thinking how she could blend all of her loves and passions in one.

Olga decided to start an event planning company to put together parties for the who’s who of Singapore. She infused her parties with a charitable spirit, giving guests a chance to give her to the community.

We sit down with Olga and get her to reveal how she managed to turn her passions into a charitable, profitable ventures.

Also, we get her to reveal her unique secrets to lasting success.

This inspirational interview will clearly show you that if you have some ingenuity and you follow your heart, success is clearly within reach.

And as always, watch – enjoy and COMMENT BELOW to let us know what you loved!

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