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Scott Friedman has spoken to thousands of people all around the world, and this man is charm personified. The former president of the National Speaker’s Association, a regular on stages worldwide and an established author, Scott is a master at connecting with people and impacting them.

In this week’s YanaTV episode, I sit down with Scott and get him to reveal 2 things – how anyone can connect with the audience they speak to and how you can make a difference to the world RIGHT NOW!

If you want to have people hanging on your every word, and you want to effect a global change … this interview is a MUST WATCH!

Scott is a well-established author, a thought after speaker and the former president of the NSA … so the man does indeed know a thing or two about how to connect with people.

But there’s more to Scott than humour and charisma.

Scott has a BIG heart and he started “Together We Can Change The World” – his own charity initiative to help the needy all around the world.

In this interview, Scott reveals why he was inspired to give back … and how anyone can start their own foundation.

Seriously, it’s very much within reach!

On top of that, we get Scott to share his very best secrets for holding the attention of crowds and connecting with your audience’s heart.

Scott has a 3-part formula that’s just GOLD – and you simply need to watch to learn it.

And if you aspire to be a world-famous speaker, Scott dishes out some useful tips you can use to get to the top.

Light-hearted, fun and very inspiring – we know you’ll LOVE this interview.

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