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Cindy Rochstein, Founder of Pencils Community, joins Yana and they share an intimate heart to heart. They share their personal struggles, discuss chronic pain management, the life-changing nature of giving to others, and explore how to practice gratitude in the face of adversity.

When you finish this video you will be left with a profound understanding of practicing gratitude, and how to be successful in life in a way that offers true and lasting fulfillment. You will be well on your way to a mindset that allows you to slow down and appreciate the simple moments that matter most in your life.

Some of the most life-changing struggles Yana and Cindy have experienced seem to run parallel to each other, giving them a profound and noticeable connection throughout this deep discussion. Yana shares her own journey with a mother suffering from illness. Cindy opens up about why her daughter gives her strength, and has become her purpose in life.

Cindy Rochstein, affectionately nicknamed “Rockstar” by friends and coworkers, is an internationally published author five times over. She has just finished her latest book, Humanitarian Rockstars.

Cindy also founded the charity, Pencils Community, which changes the lives of children throughout the world. Plus prevents waste, and encourages reuse with the simple concept of giving used school supplies to children in need.

But that’s not all that makes this remarkable woman stand out. Cindy suffers from chronic pain syndrome, left with her from a disease called Rickettsia. At times her body was so fragile that holding her daughter’s hand could dislocate her fingers. She has dislocated her shoulder just by the weight of her own arm as she stood up in the morning.

But through all that, Cindy retains a strength, resilience, stubbornness, and sense of purpose that is pure inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with her. For Cindy, the key to success in life is giving to others, and making no excuses.

“I’m already successful. I’ve helped children change their lives. What more success is there? That’s the best I can hope for in this world.” – Cindy Rochstein

Get a step closer to understanding how to find your passion in life with these moving words of inspiration from a strong, resilient, giving individual who has beaten remarkable odds.

Watch Yana and Cindy’s interview here.

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