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Renowned publisher, Ocean Reeve, opens up to Yana about his views on Creative Leadership vs Authoritarian/Traditional Leadership, drawing the best out of the people around us, and waking up inspired every day.

Ocean has worked with 4000+ authors all over the world. His passion is in helping creative people bring their stories to life.

If you’re looking for inspiration that is positive & idealistic, but also practical for your daily life: then you’ll enjoy this informative and fun chat. You’ll walk away feeling energized & inspired to create something incredible!

First they examine the difference the Creative Leaders can make.

 Curious what is creative leadership?

“Authoritative leaders lead with a stick, Creative leaders lead with a carrot”, says Ocean. Simply put, creative leaders incentivize, while authoritative leaders discipline.

 This modern innovative leadership technique gives greater freedom, and with it greater responsibility and ownership to each individual member of a team. This serves to improve the creative workplace environment, because each person feels like they are contributing to a shared goal.

“You want to wake up inspired. And when you wake up in that state of inspiration and go to work, you do your best work. Because it matters to you. When you go home you feel fulfilled.” – Ocean Reeve

In addition to tips on building a more creative workplace, Yana & Ocean also discuss a number of practical tips for new authors. Ocean offers advice on getting the right publisher, and his insights on self-publishing options. Then he shares what it means to him to be inspired in life, and why it makes sense to follow your dreams in the life you choose each day.

For more info on Ocean Reeve visit https://www.oceanreeve.com/

Yana has a number of inspiring interviews discussing the things that really matter in life, happiness, and success. For more great videos check out: https://www.youtube.com/yanatv?sub_confirmation=1