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There is no argument that the world is becoming a smaller place.  Thanks to the internet, we all have the ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of what is happening anywhere in the world.  We can find groups of people who share our interests and values, and they come from around the globe.  When we search the internet for products and services that we need, we find what companies are offering everywhere, not just within our own country.  So why do many entrepreneurs continue to shape their companies and marketing strategies within the limitations of a national identity?

“There are a million things that are more important than a customer’s passport when you sell to him.  When you reframe your mindset like that, then you are much better positioned for how the world will look in the future.” Fredrik Härén

The always insightful Fredrik Härén is back with us this week to discuss the major theme of his new book, One World. One Company. Using many real-world examples, he gives a compelling argument for adopting a global mindset and creating a truly global company that allows YOUR values and the features of your product to lead the marketing, rather than tethering your company and product to a national identity.  Find out the perils of marketing your product according to a national identity, and the pearls of reframing your mindset and shaping a company that has what it takes to succeed into the evolving future.

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