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If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of a real-world, successful business, you are in for a treat.

This week, we sit down with internet entrepreneur Emi Takemura, co-founder of Peatix, Japan’s #1 mobile event and ticketing platform and get her to share the ins-and-outs of how she started her internet business.

Emi goes in depth, and reveals what you MUST do if you want business success. In addition, Emi opens up and shares the many mistakes she made early in her business.

On top of that, Emi shares how she juggles business, business partners, family and her kids – all without losing her mind.

[Quick Reminder: To further cement your learning, we made a summary pdf of the best concepts Emi revealed in this interview. Be sure to grab your copy of the summary pdf!]

Emi’s story starts with her working in senior positions in corporations like Disney, Amazon and Excite in Japan, but from an early age she knew she did not want to be an employee for life.

She left and started her first internet business with a few partners – and quickly found out that the real-world of business was very different from what she had read, what she had imagined and what she experienced working in a large corporation.

Things were VERY difficult at the start – and the team made a lot of mistakes.

But they learnt quickly and on their FOURTH try, they found success with Peatix.

The team then decided to go global and expand the operation – and almost immediately, they faced more problems.

Emi and her team had to work through all these issues – picking up plenty of business lessons along the way.

Here’s the thing – if you harbour an idea and you’re currently starting out or working in a job, you’ll find INSPIRATION in abundance listening to Emi.

She takes you on a journey of how she went from salaried employee to starting out to finding partners to expanding global.

It can be done – and tune in to let Emi show you HOW!

After you are done watching, you MUST get a copy of the notes for this interview.

Print it out, pin it to your wall, review it often.

The step-by-step principles that Emi share are VITAL for long-term business success, growth and expansion … and you get it all just by downloading it below.

Alright, dive in – get started and it’s time to turn those business dreams into mighty reality.

We wish you the best – and as always, comment below if you love the video.

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