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Love. Its the most powerful force in the planet – it transcends everything and brings us all together.

I sit down with Preston Smiles – author, love ambassador and speaker – and get his take on how YOU can become LOVE and reclaim your personal POWER.

What transpired was incredibly inspiring…

Preston shared that most of the world is a “to me” conversation – life is unfair and I hate whats happening to me. While he teaches a “through me” approach – where YOU take back control and be the space for love.

His teaching is deeply grounded in his personal life experience (that he shares fearlessly on camera) and his own journey towards love and acceptance that have made him who he is today. And as he says: “I am still evolving…and I always will.”

“Humans are meaning making machines”, which means we slap a meaning on all that happens to us.

Its the MEANING we create that determines how we live!

“It is important to accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be” – and LIVE here and now.

Deep. Profound. Conscious.

I absolutely love Preston’s message, story, and attitude towards life.

“Life Lifing”…. just made my day!

You know what, just dive in and experience it yourself right away.

Let me know what you think of Preston’s message.

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