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“What else could you possibly be doing when you have achieved so much? When your personal dreams and aspirations are fulfilled? The answer is you let go. You surrender to something much greater than yourself and your own ego. You focus on simply being and start assisting others in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations. I am doing it, because there is nothing else I could possibly be doing in this life.” 

– Yana

Yana started this work with a vision, she wanted to create a happier, humbler, and more human world. As she pursued this vision she gained multiple certifications and degrees in areas related to human potential. She is now an internationally recognized motivational speaker, spiritual life coach & mentor, and group facilitator. She also runs YanaTV where she sits down to discuss big ideas with successful and influential teachers, role models, and thought leaders.

Yana has dedicated herself to helping others remove barriers preventing growth, and finding greater fulfillment within their lives. She is especially focused on helping entrepreneurs and key influencers in business, politics, and communities who are truly looking to make a real difference in the world.

Yana only works with people who are ready to commit to fulfilling their greatest potential. She uses time-tested, proven, and effective tools to guide you to unlock your real power. Find whatever is blocking you from your full potential, and connect you with your greatest self.

But, in her journey to find the purpose she has today, Yana had to find her way through many difficult struggles. While she now knows that the answer had always lay within her, it took a lifetime of hard lessons for her mind to catch up with her heart.

Born in the Soviet Union, and raised during a severe Depression in the Russian Economy in the 1990s, Yana and her family felt the pangs of poverty. At the age of 8, Yana was already working hard in the family garden for hours each day attempting to grow enough food to keep from going hungry. But her mother still had to skip meals to ensure her children were able to eat. Yana began making her own money at 13 years old. By that time her father and brother were completely absent from her life. She used her earnings to support herself and her mother.

At 21, Yana left Russia, grown weary of a country that told her women shouldn’t have ambitions. She bought a one-way ticket and left for Zurich with only $100 in her pocket, and a yearning for some sense of security and love in her heart. Within a year she had fallen in love and gotten married, but only a few short months later her new husband was diagnosed with terminal Cancer. The honeymoon phase was cut short, and for 3 years Yana became his primary caregiver. Though they went through a divorce after those first 3 years, Yana continued to care for him for 2 more years right up until he passed away. Yana hit rock bottom after his death. No partner, no money, no plans, no hope. She was broken, depressed, and suicidal.

But she pulled herself through, with the help of the love and support of some good friends. She faced the darkest and most beautiful parts of herself, and came out whole. Not just whole, but More. Finding her way through that darkness had given her an unwavering tranquility, and set her free in a way she had never known before. Today, she views this time of her life as a period of rebirth, a time of great transition and one of her greatest life lessons. She discovered her inner strength. And found her deepest truth, and with it a well of power that drives all things: opportunities, love, career, influence, passion, and inspiration.

 Now her mission is to help others do the same. To help heal others the way she healed herself.

 Over the last 15 years, Yana has continued her constant growth and connection to her deeper self. Living in Europe, the US, and Asia; and taking spiritual pilgrimages to remote and mystical places. Sometimes sleeping on the floor for days at a time during these retreats, while others simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty of this world.

Today Yana is happily married, and is loving life. She has applied her mission to help heal others, by working as a spiritual, personal, and business coach. Her speciality is in helping leaders, and change makers to realize their true potential, and helping them to achieve it.

Yana is certified with Centre For Transformational Presence (USA), International Coach Academy (Australia), Belbin Team Roles (Singapore), Leadership Circle (Australia), Real Yoga Singapore & Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute (India). She has gained very effective tools in personal development, and techniques that develop leadership and performance, as well as spirit guidance and transformational presence. Some of these areas of expertise include Meditation, Yoga, Mayan Shamanism, Integral Tantra, Human Design, Intuitive Guidance, and Qi Gong.

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