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Marshall Thurber played the Win-Lose game of business well, more often than not he came out on top, but then one day he lost. And he lost big. 7.5 million dollars gone in one day. But with that loss, began his journey to a better way of living, a smarter way of doing business, and a happier man.

Have you ever considered that, even when you win, your win-lose positioning might be doing harm to your business, personal relationships, and to yourself? In order for you to win, does someone else really have to lose? And when you play that game, eventually, you will have to be the one who loses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Watch as Marshall discusses how he changed his perception, and began operating in and creating Win-Win opportunities. And the success that followed.

Marshall Thurber is known as the Godfather of Personal Development, he studied under W. Edwards Demming and Buckminster Fuller. He taught Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker , Ben Cohen, and Blair Singer. He has found great success as an attorney, author, inventor, teacher, and public speaker. Marshall Thurber’s principles of human potential largely influenced the focus for Vermont’s Burklyn Business School.

Learn from the extensive experience of this man, who has gained the ear of some of the most influential and successful thought-leaders, and entrepreneurs on the planet. Watch his discussion with Yana below: