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Yana is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, accredited life coach and an experienced group facilitator. She helps thought leaders, change makers, and role models discover their greatest selves, live up to their incredible potential, and share their unique gifts with others. So that they can make a bigger difference in the world.

YanaTV is a platform to have heart-to-heart conversations with people who have accomplished incredible things; discussing how they did it, and why. You won’t find any small talk here, just enlightening discussions about big subjects: Success, Overcoming Fears, Being of Service, Building Happiness, Mastering Communication, Increasing Awareness, Elevating Consciousness, Impacting The World, and much more!

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Cindy Rochstein, Founder of Pencils Community, joins Yana and they share an intimate heart to heart. They share their personal struggles, discuss chronic pain management, the life-changing nature of giving to others, and explore how to practice gratitude in the face of adversity.

When you finish this video you will be left with a profound understanding of practicing gratitude, and how to be successful in life in a way that offers true and lasting fulfillment. You will be well on your way to a mindset that allows you to slow down and appreciate the simple moments that matter most in your life.

Renowned publisher, Ocean Reeve, opens up to Yana about his views on Creative Leadership vs Authoritarian/Traditional Leadership, drawing the best out of the people around us, and waking up inspired every day.

Ocean has worked with 4000+ authors all over the world. His passion is in helping creative people bring their stories to life.

If you’re looking for inspiration that is positive & idealistic, but also practical for your daily life: then you’ll enjoy this informative and fun chat. You’ll walk away feeling energized & inspired to create something incredible!

YanaTV chats with Sustainability Design Expert and Founder of Green is The New Black: Stephanie Dickson. They explore self-care, social consciousness, and making ethical & sustainable brand choices.

Perhaps you are someone who cares about sustainability in fashion, and who wants to make more fair trade & environmentally friendly clothing choices. But where do you start? How do you know what brands to support?

This discussion will give you some practical methods to start making the world a better place with simple, everyday choices. Plus taking care of yourself and your needs as well.

YanaTV and Amara Samata get together for a captivating and remarkably insightful discussion. It’s likely that at the end of this video you will walk away with a driving energy that might just come from a truer connection to your own purpose.

Five years ago Amara experienced what is called a transcendent awakening, and retained a state of nirvana for seven straight months. Now she has devoted her life to helping others to experience the same transcendent state that she came to. To that aim, she founded the Inner Guidance Institute.

Yana sits down with Eyal Eltawil to delve into one of the most significant topics of our time. That life-changing topic of discussion, of course, is Simon… Wait… Simon? What’s Simon?

You might not call it “Simon”, it might go by other names in your life such as “The Big C” or the ugly name of cancer. Whatever you call it, most people have had their lives changed in some significant way by this disease.

Eyal Eltawil was given a death sentence 7 years ago when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Beating the odds, for 5 years now he has beaten it and is cancer free. The cancer cure that he felt influenced his recovery the most: laughter and a positive mindset.

YanaTV chats with the inspirational Dr. Loretta Chen; professor, internationally recognized Theatre Director, and media described “Rebel with a twist”. This multi-time bestselling author has launched her new book; Madonnas and Mavericks: Power Women of Singapore.

 YanaTV last sat down with Loretta 3 years ago, and during the interview she made a wish to manifest an important change in her life. It came true only a few short months later! 

Yana discusses The Good News About PTSD with Author, Confidence Coach, and Veteran: Dion Jensen. Dion has over 20 years experience serving in the Police Force, Security Work, and Military.

His extensive life experience has given him the insight to design a highly effective method for aiding those who suffer from the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has dedicated his life to saving the lives of people who are struggling through what he has overcome. He strives, every day, to pull as many people as he can “out of the hole” that he can.

When Karen Clarke had children, she was dedicated to giving them to tools to prevent bullying, to build healthy friendships, and to communicate effectively. However, the resources when it came to really understanding bullying from a human perspective seemed to be lacking. This began an in-depth journey of research, and collecting information in order to ensure she was giving her children the best tools to operate in their everyday relationships.
Manoj was a typical, shy introvert when he began his road in public speaking. It began as a journey of personal development to overcome his fear of speaking to an audience. Sadly, he was told that he would never be any good at Public Speaking because he had an accent, he wasn’t good enough, or he just wasn’t funny enough.

But this introvert is now the World Champion of Public Speaking, all because he was willing to take a chance and believe in himself, even when others would not.

Marshall Thurber played the Win-Lose game of business well, more often than not he came out on top, but then one day he lost. And he lost big. 7.5 million dollars gone in one day. But with that loss, began his journey to a better way of living, a smarter way of doing business, and a happier man.

Have you ever considered that, even when you win, your win-lose positioning might be doing harm to your business, personal relationships, and to yourself? In order for you to win, does someone else really have to lose? And when you play that game, eventually, you will have to be the one who loses.

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